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Rough farewell with a small contingent


A buoyant mood prevailed at the beginning of the last meeting of the stegaurach council, which is coming to the end of its term of office. Because of the corona-crisis the meeting was held in the aurachtalhalle, because there was enough distance for the 20-headed council including mayor and head of department as well as for the audience. And presumably this last council meeting of the council in office until the first of may was far from being the last one at the rather unusual location for municipal politics.

Mayor thilo wagner was able to bury a few more listeners than usual in stegaurach, in addition to the council and his experts from the administration. Perhaps the exit restrictions and the lock-down, as some listeners said, will make politics even more exciting than it already is. Council meetings as evening events, so to speak.

Clear result

"I want to use all my strength together with the council for the community of stegaurach, so that we can move our community forward together", thilo wagner began his brief presentation on the 2020 municipal election results in stegaurach. That the overwhelming majority of the voters sees and wishes in such a way, one can read off at the bare numbers of the election result. Of the candidates elected in the mayoral elections on 15. Marz the 3712 votes cast were 3003 for wagner. The 693 votes remaining after deduction of the 16 invalid votes were shared by his fellow candidates gert lechner, wolfgang krapp and uwe metzner. In view of a good 80 percent vote in favor of wagner, who presented the bare figures in the context of the first item on the agenda of the meeting, the factually correct statement of the election committee, according to which wagner was elected because he received more than half of the votes cast, sounds like mineral water.

Stimmkonige with the local council elections became likewise the free wahler/free list around mayor thilo wagner. 26620 votes fell on this list connection (8 mandates). This was followed by the CSU list with 15,325 votes (5 mandates) and the list bundnis 90/die grunen - aktive burgerstimme with 15,067 votes (4 mandates). The pro-burgher list (BNL) won 6770 votes (2 mandates), the SPD list won 2496 votes (1 mandate) and the left party won 1436 votes. However, this result was not sufficient for a mandate.


Despite this clear election result, it is to be expected that there will always be suspense in the stegaurach municipal council, because seven council members, i.E. One third, were newly elected to the stegaurach municipal parliament. New members of the council for the CSU are gert lechner and thomas hack. Matthias noth, manfred amon and bernd reichelt were re-elected to the council. For the grunen-BL christine weigmann-popp was elected as a new member of the municipal council. Bernd fricke, claudia musig and cornelia muhlhoff-kempgen were re-elected. Three new ones have also made it to the free choice-FL. Verena scheer, daniel palasti and frank montag strengthen the team of the re-elected. These are werner wabmann, winfried oppawsky, margot scheer, ewald burkart and norbert durbeck. For the SPD, uwe metzner was able to win a new seat, and on the list close to the burgers, wolfgang krapp and heinrich schubert continue to raise their voices when it comes to the well-being of stegaurach.

Farewell with tranes

Finally, it was the turn of the mayor, on behalf of the municipality and the council, to bid a fond farewell to the council members who had left the council, who had not stood for re-election, or who had not been re-elected. Joseph hopfner, uwe mummer and siegfried kogler were excused. Lothar jendrysik and dieter heberlein were moved by the powerful knocks at the farewell, and at the farewell to the original matthaus metzner, many a council member had to squeeze away a trane.

In the course of the council meeting, the council approved the twelfth amendment to the "westlicher ortsteil" development plan to. For the preparation of a development plan for the so-called "krug-gelande" in the heart of stegaurach the council members voted unanimously and also the enactment of a development ban for the krug-area was brought on the way. The development plan for the "ziegelhutte II - im weidig" area, which was last readjusted in accordance with the requirements of the public authorities, was also rejected could pass the council.

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