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Before the court in the verlangerung


Michael busch it's not always the fans of a sport who get into each other's hair, sometimes it's the players themselves. The sports observer female that the unsportsmanlike conduct on the field can be observed again and again in ice hockey, but also in fubball. But that it continues on the field after the end of the game is rather unusual.

But that's exactly what happened in mohrendorf last june. The sportvereinigung reuth (spvgg) met there the turk SV from erlangen. After the 3:1 for the erlangen team, however, the sporting climax of an exciting and sporting dramatic game ended. No less dramatic were the insults and a headbutt by the coach of the losing club from forchheim.

Son of a bitch led to blackout

This is precisely the accusation that has now led to a court hearing. Hagen forster, (arbitration) judge at the erlangen district court, likes to explain the case again in detail. The prosecutor said that just in the evening hours, after the game, the coach had reacted to the captain of the opponent with the head butt. This led to a broken nose for the 25-year-old athlete.

The accusation of bodily injury was also freely admitted by the trainer, but the events before and after the game had played an important role. "Eight months ago we already had to play against turk SV and there were already insults there", the 44-year-old from forchheim explained. After the defeat, the players of the winning team moved across the pitch and had already behaved in an unfriendly manner. "I myself have been called a son of a whore", he said. He was unable to explain what had really happened and why he had overreacted. "It was a knee-jerk reaction!" He himself recognized that as a coach he naturally had a role model function that did not fit with this action.

Police protection sought

Nevertheless, this aftermath was not yet over at that time. The family of the opposing team's captain had also been pressuring him, and only in the protection of his board had he been able to leave the pitch. "In forchheim, i even called the police because the family and friends of the attacked man showed up at my house in four to five cars." Nevertheless, he wanted to apologize a few days later, but did not get through to the actual victim via the brother's contact. "We had a long conversation, but even then further threats resonated."

The attacked person, who lives in baiersdorf, described the incident differently. The trainer did not reach him, but his brother. But also the insults or further threats had not fallen. In his testimony he did not incriminate the accused any further. "After four weeks the nose was fine again, a small bump remained", he stated before the court.

Even a blow to the back of his client's head by the defendant, which was brought up by the defendant's lawyer, was rejected by the defendant. He admitted, however, that he had been on the field for another game three days later, despite being on sick leave. "For my team, he explained. But this is irrelevant in an evaluation of the course of events, as judge forster emphasized.

No harmless blow

For the representative of the state everything was clear: "the accused admitted the accusation. A headbutt is extremely violent and should be punished accordingly." A year's jail suspended on probation was the demand from their side.

The lawyer's reply started with a basic statement about football. "We are talking about a relegation match and excuse me, it is not women's soccer. Here play manners, here play turks." He had asked other players who had all explained that they had reacted just as violently to the alleged insults. But, according to the lawyer: "hand, fist, that would be O. K. But a headbutt is not acceptable!" He was of the opinion of the judge. But because of these events, it is ultimately a minor case, which is to be punished with a fine.

"It takes something to jam your own forehead into the face of the other", said judge forster in his sentencing remarks. And he added: "I don't care whether or not the turkish riot is a serious insult, insults are generally unacceptable, as is the violence that follows them."

Ten months, but on probation, was the verdict of the court. In addition, the defendant must pay 1000 euros to the injured party, and another 1000 euros to the war graves fund. Forster once again referred to the special role of the accused as a coach: "you showed your players how not to do it. You can be glad that nothing more happened."

After the lawyer's statement that the game was not a women's soccer game, the prosecutor did not have much understanding for this sentence. For she said after the meeting that she herself had played in the upper league, trained with teams of the second federal league. Even if there was no red card for the lawyer's remark, in this case it was a point victory for the prosecutor.

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